TLA Times | April 30, 2019

LATIN AMERICA – Online retail giant, South American nations fight over .amazon | BRAZIL – Malaysia’s oil company buys stake in Petrobras’ deepwater assets | CHILE – Chile makes pitch to become China’s hub for Latin America | MEXICO – India-based tech services company plans to operate in Mexico.


Escrow in Mexico – A General Overview and Common Questions

Put simply, escrow is used to make sure the funds of a real estate transaction change hands at the moment of a closing. That is not the legal definition of escrow, but it is the underlying reason to use escrow. If you are a buyer, you want your funds in the seller’s account only once the deal closes – not before. If you are a seller, you want your money when the deal closes, not later. An escrow company is the neutral entity that holds the funds until the closing is completed and disburses the funds.


TLA Times | February 27, 2019

LATIN AMERICA – Region’s logistics, supply-chain operations draw investment. | PERU – Peruvian police, military lead crackdown on illegal mining. | BRAZIL – Ford Motor Co. shuts down plant in São Bernardo do Campo. | MEXICO – AMLO says no more joint oil deals until further notice.


TLA Times | February 05, 2019

LATIN AMERICA – Sony decides to cut the cord on Latin American version of Crackle | ARGENTINA – Cattlemen struggles after difficult year, but steaks are a bargain | BRAZIL – Amazon begins selling directly to consumers in Brazil | MEXICO – Maquiladora plants near Brownsville hit with major strikes.


TLA Times | January 15, 2019

BRAZIL – Google’s cloud computing increases customer base by 330 percent | VENEZUELA – Cocoa growers say government making business more difficult | MEXICO – Major hotel brands planning to build around 300 projects | Bicycles, scooters gain popularity as gas stations run out of fuel …