The demand for a secure manner to compensate third parties has increased, in part, as a result of shifting legal and regulatory requirements in both the U.S. and Latin America.  Manufacturers and services firms are requiring a mechanism to ensure payment upon the completion of certain projects or procurement of goods. No firm wants to risk advance payment for goods or services internationally only to later discover defects or deficiencies. TLA, as an intermediary, allows an efficient and secure mechanism trough an escrow agreement to ensure that contracting parties receive the benefit of what they bargained for.

We help our clients navigate cultural, financial and practical issues involved with procuring goods or services.

The scope of our escrow services includes many types of transactions:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Payment of other contractual obligations
  • Payment of notary (notario) and government fees in business transactions
  • Payment of contractors, attorneys and other service providers
  • Payment of bank trust fees, property taxes and other annual fees
  • Payment of insurance policies
  • Management and supervision of accounts receivable/accounts payable

Our escrow services reduce risk and increase efficiency when you need to ensure that your specifications are being satisfied. We also provide a layer of additional security to your sensitive bank account information in international transactions as such information will not find its way into the hands of foreign suppliers and service providers who may have vulnerable software or business processes.