TLA Escrow Participate in the 4th Anniversary of the Mexican Association of the Real Estate Industry (AMII)

Within the framework of the fourth anniversary of the Mexican Association of the Real Estate Industry (AMII), the protest of its national directive 2019-2021 and the delivery of acknowledgments and certificates to the 11th generation of real estate agents graduated from the Diploma in Real Estate Marketing, The government represented by Laura Beristain Navarrete, through the General Director of Economic Development, Edgar Ordonez Durán, recognized the sector as one of the most important after tourism, which generates more economic growth to the municipality and the entity.

In welcoming the real estate agents of the various municipalities, Ordóñez Durán, on behalf of the Edil, highlight that the economy of areas such as Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Tulum is considered the highest in tourism in the Mexican Republic and even from Latin America.

“Today the State of Quintana Roo is the one with the greatest offer of rooms in the whole country; the real estate market represents a key point for the big developers, being an area that has great advantages as a highly competitive tourist and commercial market that generates new job opportunities and is open to foreign investment, ”said the official.

He emphasize the importance of the work of real estate agents, who play an important role in attracting investments to the entity, for which he congratulated the members for completing four years of having forged this association and for acting with professionalism and ethics, which gives certainty to the investor; reaffirming the commitment of the Solidarity government to work hand in hand with this sector for a strong development in the municipality.

Likewise, the founding president of the AMII, Wilberth Gutiérrez Alvarez, said that one of the biggest concerns of this organization is the unfair and dishonest competition of many people who profit from future buyers or investors, which stains the image of Real estate agents.

Hence, the various associations of real estate agents close ranks to present an initiative that will soon be sent to the State Congress, so that it is mandatory for a real estate agent to have corresponding certification that guarantees quality and seriousness in their work and that translates into legal certainty of the property you are acquiring, he explained.
On behalf of the State Governor, Carlos Joaquín González, the representative of the Ministry of Sustainable Urban Territorial Development (Sedetus), Carlos Ríos Castellanos, founded the importance of the sector by pointing out that in Quintana Roo, last year the real estate sector exceeded the growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reaching 4.5 percent, one point more than that achieved in 2017 and it is expected that at the end of 2019 it will rebound.

He recalled that in the next two years, the entity will receive a foreign investment of two thousand 272 million dollars, placing it in third place nationwide with more interest in the development of projects.
He also took the opportunity to congratulate the association for completing four years of foundation, which is growing rapidly as it has a presence in other states of the country and congratulated the new members of the board that will lead as president, Karla Paola Zaragoza Radilla, who takes the post office of his predecessor, Alejandra Serrano Benítez.

At the end of the event, recognition was given to the members of the previous board of directors, both of the representation in Playa del Carmen, and that of Cancun. Likewise, the newly graduated agents of the Real Estate Marketing received the certificate that accredits them as such.

Source: Diario de Quintana Roo 

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