TLA Times | February 05, 2019

LATIN AMERICA – Sony decides to cut the cord on Latin American version of Crackle | ARGENTINA – Cattlemen struggles after difficult year, but steaks are a bargain | BRAZIL – Amazon begins selling directly to consumers in Brazil | MEXICO – Maquiladora plants near Brownsville hit with major strikes.


TLA Times | January 15, 2019

BRAZIL – Google’s cloud computing increases customer base by 330 percent | VENEZUELA – Cocoa growers say government making business more difficult | MEXICO – Major hotel brands planning to build around 300 projects | Bicycles, scooters gain popularity as gas stations run out of fuel …


TLA Times | January 02, 2019

BRAZIL – Judge who was overruled on appeal holds up Boeing-Embraer deal again | PARAGUAY – Nation’s pitch to foreign investors: We’re more stable than other guys | CHILE -Government wants all public transportation to be electric by 2050 | MEXICO – Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador plans to use army for urban development.


TLA Times | December 05, 2018

COSTA RICA – Tech Data adds to its operations with new facility in Escazú. | BRAZIL – Total buys distributing business to get into Brazilian fuel retail sector. | PANAMA – China’s president plans historic state visit to Panama Dec. 2-3. | MEXICO – State oil company says aging Xachi field’s best days ahead of it.


The Benefits to Secured Parties of Real Estate Transactions in Mexico

Mexico´s Law of Trusts and Mortgages may afford lenders and creditors the opportunity to enter into a loan transaction governed by California law but secured by Mexican real estate under favorable provisions that are not available for Californian real estate collateral. To understand the benefits of securing credit transactions with real estate in Mexico, lenders and borrowers should consider…