TLA Times | April 23, 2020


Samtec to hire 150 to meet demand for medical equipment

U.S.-based Samtec, which designs components for medical devices such as respirators and ventilators, will hire 150 workers at its facility in Alajuela, Costa Rica, Business Facilities reports. The company will donate 800 N95 masks along with $25,000 to fight the pandemic in Costa Rica. Samtec employs more than 1,000 at its Costa Rican facility. Details


Dry spell has aided farmers in getting harvest to market

Dry weather has helped soy farmers harvest their crop, but it also has contributed to slowing cargo traffic on the river, Reuters reports via Successful Farming. Fields have been firm enough to keep combines from getting bogged in the field. The Parana River’s water level is the lowest it has been in a decade.  Heavy rain is expected soon. Details


Brazil soybean exports in April running far ahead of 2019

Brazil soybean exports rose 28% in the first weeks of April from the same period in 2019, S&P Global reports. Shipments rose by 14% in the first quarter. A good harvest and high demand have favored Brazilian soybean producers. The falling value of the Brazilian real has also boosted demand. Details


Inflation in Mexico seemed to ease in first half of April

Reuters polled economists and analysts and the consensus was that annual inflation in Mexico had fallen to its lowest rate in four years, the news service reports via WHTC radio.  If the 2.79% annual rate proves correct, the central bank would have more room to cut rates to mitigate the damage from the COVID-19 shutdown. Details


Mexico debates if beer is essential during lockdown

The Mexican government ordered the shutdown of major breweries during the COVID-19 lockdown, and there has been plenty of dissent, the Los Angeles Times reports.  “Beer supplies should be guaranteed, because beer helps people get through quarantine on better terms,” Mexico’s National Alliance of Small Business declared in a statement last week. There has been a suggestion that the breweries could deliver existing stock to homes. Some breweries are making hand sanitizer. Details



Visit the Pompeii of the New World

Joya De Cerén in El Salvador has been called the Pompeii of the New World. A farming community, it was buried by an eruption of Laguna Caldera around 600 B.C. No human remains were found, and archeologists believe the villagers were warned by an earthquake preceding the eruption and left. They didn’t have time to take tools, pots filled with beans and sleeping mats. The site was discovered in 1976. Excavation began in 1978 but was discontinued in 1980 because of civil war. Work on the site was resumed in 1988. Details


GDP pct. growth in Uruguay




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