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Company raises seed money to digitize small businesses in region

Tech Crunch reports that Dataplor, a company that indexes small businesses in developing nations, has $2 million in seed capital. The company hopes to bring more small vendors online to take part in the digital food delivery industry, which is growing rapidly in Latin America. Dataplor says it responsible for getting about 150,000 businesses listed on Google since 2016. Details


Third bridge over the canal opens allowing motorists easier access

East is East, and West is West. Getting from one to the other will be easier with a third bridge over the Panama Canal, the Associated Press reports via The News &Observer. The bridge, which cost $380 million, will allow continuous traffic flow. Residents had to rely on ferry and single-lane access when the locks of the canal were closed. Panama President Laurentino Cortizo called it “a huge advance.” Details


5G spectrum auction in March expected to be among largest ever

Brazil will hold a 5G spectrum auction in March that is expected to be among the largest ever, Business Insider reports. Anatel, the country’s telecommunication regulator, is offering telecoms the chance to bid on much of the 5G spectrum and may include all of the spectrum in one auction. The auction, along with one in India, likely will set prices for the rest of the world. Details


Business plan for Pemex unveiled; tax cut, government backing key

Mexico’s state-owned oil company, Pemex, has announced a business plan to lift the company out of debt, Reuters reports. The debt-ridden enterprise will receive $7.2 billion from the federal government over the next three years. The government is also reducing its take from the profits, cutting the tax from 65% to 54%.  The company is expected to invest $105 billion over the next six years from its revenues. Pemex has about that amount in debt. Details

Burger delivery business uses banana leaves instead of plastic wrappers

A burger delivery business in Oaxaca State has come up with an innovative way to package its sandwiches and burgers, CGTN reports. Instead of wrapping its dining fare in plastic, Hambre Feroz ("Ferocious Hunger") uses banana and almond leaves. As a child, owner Yessica Luis saw locals doing this with fresh produce. “When they see that it does work, a lot of people have started to use banana leaves again, and that’s great, because you take the old ways and breathe life back into the tradition,” she says. Details



Visit Valley of the Moon — just like Neil Armstrong

Fifty years ago, Neil Armstrong made his mark here. A few months after he walked on the moon, he visited La Paz, Bolivia and saw the barren clay formations just outside town. He named it Valley of the Moon, or, at least that is how the story goes. Walking tours of the area are available. You don’t need moon boots, but real shoes as opposed to sandals or flip flops are advised. Details
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