TLA TIMES | Dec. 29, 2017

A Snapshot of LatinAmerican News



Belize’s military spending as pct. of GDP.

Source: data.worldbank.org


Figures from Dec. 29 Source: www.xe.com


New Year’s Eve in Montevideo next year.
Yeah, we know it’s a little late to be making plans for New Year’s Eve, But while the subject is front and center, we thought we’d mention a place where you could ring in 2019. Montevideo, Uruguay boasts a spectacular fireworks show to celebrate the changing of the calendar. Montevideo residents also have a couple interesting traditions. They tear up all calendars from the year that is ending. And they stand on balconies and put water on partiers in the streets below.  Details

After 8 years of talks, Brazil ends negotiation for Open Skies treaty.

Brazil says it plans to pull out of talks for an Open Skies agreement with the EU, Reuters reports via Business Insider. The major hurdle to the deal is what is called the fifth fifth freedom, allowing Brazilian carriers to pick up passengers in EU nations who are traveling outside of Europe. The fifth freedom is of little consequence now. No Brazilian airline flies to Asia, but there is hope for expansion in the near future. Details

Brazil puts the brakes on fish exports to European Union. 

Starting Jan. 3, Brazil will put a temporary stop to sending fish to the European Union, Business Standard reports. The ban stems from an audit in September in which six of 10 firms failed to meet European Union standards. The Brazilian government has taken steps to address the problems and try to persuade the EU to create different standards for farm-raised a wild fish.  Details


Uber adds UberEATS to its offerings in Costa Rica.

With fights over regulations all over the world, it would seem that ride-sharing giant Uber has enough on its plate. But Uber recently added Costa Rica to its list of 30 countries where company affiliated drivers will pick up food from restaurants, The Costa Rica Star reports. Uber has more than 250 eateries it services in Costa Rica. The company faces two established delivery services in Costa Rica, GoPato and EatsOn. Details


Mexico’s meetings and events business sees strong growth.

2017, or at least the first 10 months of it, were good for Mexican businesses that cater to meetings and events. The Mexican Tourism Board says that the first 10 months of 2017 saw a 6.7 percent increase over business the same period the year before, Travel Agent Central reports.  "We are continuing to invest in building Mexico's profile for business events and are working closely with industry leaders around the world to bring more corporate and association events to Mexico while introducing them to destinations beyond our traditional sun and beach offerings,” Mexico Tourism Board CEO Hector Flores says.  Details

Central banker says tough times ahead for Mexico’s peso.

Reuters reports via NASDAQ.com that central bank governor Alejandro Diaz de Leon says Mexico’s currency faces an “adverse environment.” In remarks to a newspaper, de Leon said uncertainty over NAFTA negotiations and the upcoming Mexican election in July are taking their toll in the peso. There’s also concern that the U.S. tax overhaul, with its massive cut of the corporate rate,  will divert investment to the north. Details