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Olive oil producers take wait-and-see approach with new government

Olive Oil Times reports that Argentina’s olive oil producers are expecting a better harvest and hope the new government will not shake up the export market too much.  Domestic olive oil consumption is small and has remained flat. The industry is dependent on shipping to the United States and Europe. “We hope that the new administration will take the necessary and right measures to maintain our international markets, but we do not have official clarity of state policies on foreign trade yet,” the manager of one oil-producing facility says. Details


Brazilian economy appears poised to have a breakout year in 2020

The New York Times reports the Brazil economy looks like it should finally shake off the hangover of the 2015-16 crash. The country has the largest economy in the region and largely underperforms. It has registered just above 1% growth the past three years. But the Times says the government’s efforts to rein in public finances, cut restrictions in the economy, and a low exchange rate all point to good things in the near future. Details


Central bank keeps borrowing costs low with growth seeming to slow

Peru’s central bank is keeping interest rates low as the economy grows slowly, Bloomberg Quint reports. The bank had cut rates last month to their lowest level since 2010. The bank has forecast the economy will expand 2.5% this year, down from a forecast of 2.7% in September and 4% last spring. Details


NBA’s development league to put a  team in Mexico City next season

The G League, the NBA’s development league, will have a team in Mexico City for the 2020-21 season, The Associated Press reports via the Idaho Statesman. Capitanes, who compete in the Mexican pro league, will be the first team based outside the United States or Canada. The team will not be tied to any MBA franchise and continue to field a team much as they have in the past. The deal goes for five years. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said the NBA has talked about Mexico City. But the league has no plans to expand right now.  “But I have no doubt when the league, whatever the timetable, turns to look at expansion Mexico City will be on our list," Silver says. Details

Developers building first 3D-printed neighborhood

A nonprofit organization is building a neighborhood using 3D-printed materials in an impoverished area of the state of Tabasco, CNN reports via KYET. The area is subject to floods and earthquakes. “These families are the most vulnerable and in the lowest income … and they’re living on about an average of $3 a day,” the nonprofit’s CEO, Brett Hagler, says. The new homes – 50 are planned – will be made out concrete molds, produced by the 3D printer. Details



Exploring the cave of the giant sloth

Back in 1896, a German named Hermann Eberhard was exploring Patagonia and he happened upon a cave. Inside the cave were the remains of a giant, prehistoric sloth. The sloth remains are gone, but the cave features a replica of the creature, twice the size of a human being. The cave is 18 miles from Puerto Natales, and there are a number of touring options. Details
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