TLA Times | February 05, 2019


Annual percentage GDP growth in Nicaragua.

Source: data.worldbank.org


Figures from Jan. 31 Source: www.xe.com


El Metejon is a resort built for polo players.
There are ski resorts, golf resorts and tennis resorts. El Metejon in Buenos Aires, Argentina is a resort that focuses on polo. The resort offers polo for players of all levels and has three full-size fields. The resort also offers polo ponies for sale. El Metejon is near a golf course and downtown Bueno Aires.  Details

Sony decides to cut the cord on Latin American version of Crackle.

Sony is calling it quits on its Latin American version of Crackle, Variety reports. The video-on-demand service has 400,000 subscribers in 17 countries. The service is supported by ads.  “After much consideration, we have decided that Crackle Latin America is not sustainable in the present highly competitive local environment,” Sony President of world TV distribution Keith Le Goy wrote in a memo. April 30 will be the final day of service. Details


Cattlemen struggles after difficult year, but steaks are a bargain. 

Last year’s currency crisis forced many ranchers to sell off large portions of their herds to stay in business, Bloomberg Businessweek reports. The price of feed has doubled as inflation soared. Meatpackers, however, are shipping more meat, a 77 percent increase from last year. “Exporters are profiting at the cost of ranchers,” one rancher says. Details


Amazon begins selling directly to consumers in Brazil.

Business Insider reports that Amazon has started selling a wide variety of items directly to customers in Brazil. Previously the web giant sold only books and digital items straight to Brazilians and offered merchandise though third parties. “We're excited to greatly expand selection for Brazilian customers," head of Amazon Brazil, Alex Spiro, says. Details


Maquiladora plants near Brownsville hit with major strikes.

Factories south of Brownsville, Texas were hit with major strikes, The Associated Press reports via The Detroit News. More than 25,000 workers in Texas walked off their jobs, demanding a 20 percent pay increase and annual bonuses.  The workers are represented by the Union of Maquiladora Industry Industrial Workers of Matamoros. Details

Southwest Airlines says it’s dropping service to Mexico City.

TSouthwest Airlines is ending service from Houston’s Hobby Airport to Mexico City, the Houston Chronicle reports. The Dallas-based carriers began its service in 2015. The Airline says that Mexico City is a business-heavy destination and the company is trying to concentrate on leisure travel.  Southwest wants to begin flying to Hawaii. Details