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Irish agriculture tech company expands footprint in the region

Devenish, based in Northern Ireland, has been expanding its operation in Latin America since opening an office in Chile last year, Farm Life reports. The agriculture technology company has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Turkey, Uganda, the United Kingdom and Ireland. It does business with 50 countries.  “We have ambitious plans for international growth and see huge potential in this region. Globally, there is over one billion metric tons of feed produced each year and 15% of that is produced in Latin America,’’ company executive Ian Atterbury says. Details


Aviation logistics firm opens industrial park for helicopters

Brazilian aviation logistics firm AGS has opened an industrial park aimed at creating an ecosystem for helicopter manufacturers, AIN online reports. The park will be called AGSValley and be located in a suburb of Sao Paulo. It is near major heliports. Sal Paulo has the largest helicopter fleet in the world. “We will offer a co-working location for the aviation industry. Our objective is to let companies focus on what they do well and be able to count on suppliers or partners to do the rest,” CEO Alexandre Gulla says. Details


Anti-obesity forces win battle to get labels on high-calorie foods

Consumer advocates won a fight to get more intelligible nutrition labels on food products, The Associated Press reports via the Valdosta Daily Times. There will also be warnings for ingredients such as caffeine. “This recognizes the right of consumers to have at least a minimal amount of information in the face of a health problem, a health catastrophe. This is an issue where Mexico has to take the lead, because it has a very serious problem,”' activist Alejandro Calvillo tells the AP.  In Mexico, three quarters of the adults over 20 are either overweight or obese. Details

Mexico City dental startup gets $5 million in venture funding

Moons, which is based in Mexico City, sees itself as the Invisalign of Latin America, Tech Crunch report. The startup recently received $5 million in funding from a group of investors that included Jaguar Ventures. Moons offers a clear, cheaper alternative to braces at around $1,200. “We’re turning more cases than Invisalign in Mexico because we’ve brought the price right down,” CEO Tommaso Tombo tells the technology news website. Details

Pemex claims most of Zama oil field that Houston firm discovered

Pemex, the state-owned oil company in Mexico, says that most of the Zama oil field belongs to the state, the Houston Chronicle reports. The oil field was discovered by Houston-based Talos Energy five years ago. Talos says it has a 60% stake in the discovery. Pemex plans to drill exploratory wells. Pemex is in talks with Talos and the Mexican Energy Ministry over who will run production and revenue shares. Details



Visit course PGA Tour golfers play each fall

Florida and Arizona have great golf courses and generally good winter weather. But Mexico’s winter weather beats both.  El Camaleon Mayakoba Golf Course in Playa del Carmen has a course that can stand with any. Designed by Greg Norman, El Camaleon Mayakoba is home to a PGA Tour event each fall. The Mayakoba Golf Classic was the Tour’s first event played outside the United States and Canada. The course also offers a Jim McLean golf school. The course is connected to four high-end hotels by way of a 6-mile canal system. Details
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