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Brazil, Argentina presidents say trade deal with EU is near

The Argentinian and Brazilian presidents say a trade deal with the South American trade bloc Mercosur and the EU is happening, macaubusiness.com reports.  Mercosur consists of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. The group has been in negotiations for a free-trade deal with the EU since 1999. There have been several instances in which officials from the group said a deal was at hand – and one never materialized. But European trade commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom has said a deal is near. If a deal is to be done, it will probably have to done before a new commission takes office. Details


Concentrix says it will add 600 jobs in Costa Rica

Concentrix, a business services company, says it will add 600 positions to the 4,000 it already has in the country, The Costa Rica Star reports. Concentrix has more than 200,000 employees and offices in 275 countries. The company came to Costa Rica in 2005 and has five facilities. Details


Deutsche Bank takes 20 ton of gold after government defaults on loan

Deutsche Bank, the German-based financial giant, took 20 tons of gold after the Venezuelan government defaulted on a $750-million loan, RT.com reports. The government in Caracas put up the gold as collateral in 2016. The loan was to be repaid by 2021, but the government was already behind on payments. This is the latest default by the Venezuelan government. Details


BMW official opens its $1-billion assembly plant in San Luis Potosi

The German-based car company held an opening ceremony for its $1-billion plant in San Luis Potosi, Business Standard reports. “Plant San Luis Potosi will significantly boost our regional production flexibility in the Americas,” production honcho Oliver Zipse says. “From here, we are delivering our locally produced BMW 3 Series Sedan to customers worldwide.”  The plant is BMW’s first in the country, although BMW already relies on Mexican suppliers for parts. BMW sales in Mexico are about $2.5 billion a year. Details

Company plans to open eight crypto currency exchanges

Amero-Isatek says it will open eight physical crypto currency exchanges in Mexico, coindesk.com reports. The first will be un Nuevo Leon.  “Today there are no physical exchanges in Mexico and we are going to open them,” CEO Alfonso Jiménez says. The physical exchanges will allow the company to comply with Mexican financial tech laws. The company plans to open exchanges in the Queretáro, Sinaloa, Quintana Roo, Jalisco, South Lower California, and Yucatán. Details

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Xochimilco floating gardens: an Aztec vestige

A few miles south of downtown Mexico City a series of canals run through raised agricultural fields. Willow trees line the banks. Visitors can rent colorful boats to float down the canals. On the water you can buy food and beverages from floating vendors and even pay to be serenaded by mariachis. The canals were built by the Aztecs as part of a vast transportation system. The raised fields allowed the Aztecs to farm more land and are one of the reasons their empire prospered. Details
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