TLA TIMES | June 14, 2018


Cellphone suscriptions per 100 people in Colombia.

Source: data.worldbank.org

Currency | Per US Dollar
Argentine Peso | $24.57

Belizean Dollar | $2.01
Brazilian Real | $3.65
Bolivian Boliviano | $6.91
Costa Rican Colon | $565.09
Chilean Peso | $626.90
Colombian Peso | $2,852.87
Cuban Peso | $26.50
Dominican Peso | $49.56
Guatemalan Quetzal | $7.44
Haitian Gourde | $64.45
Hoduran Lempira | $23.83
Mexican Peso | $19.59
Nicaraguan Cordoba | $31.39
Panamanian Balboa | $1.00
Paraguayan Guarani | $5,659.62
Perubian Sol | $3.27
Uruguayan Peso | $31.27
Venezuelan Bolivar | $9.95

Figures from May 25 Source: www.xe.com


Visit Tikal, a ceremonial center of the Mayans.
You don't want to be like Cortez, the Spanish conquistador who passed by Tikal but apparently didn't see the ancient city. Not entirely his fault. Pioneering archaeologist John Lloyd Stephens was looking for Tikal 300 years later and couldn't find it. The city was hidden deep in the rain forest. But these days it's easy to find. Though it's in Guatemala, tourists can book a day trip from Belize. Tikal is known for its spectacular pyramid temples. The site is surrounded by exotic wildlife, including howler monkeys and parrots.  Details

Government says there's a deal to halt strike by truckers.

The Brazilian economy has been ravaged by a four-day truckers strike, but the government says it made a deal with the unions to call off the strike for 15 days, The AssociatedPress reports via The Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star. The strike has caused shortages of fuel and food and played havoc with exporting goods and with airline flights. Onequestion about the suspension is how many truckers, often essentially independent contractors, will comply and go back to work? Details


Venezuelan ex-pats send home money to keep families afloat. 

The Associated Press reports via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Venezuelans working abroad are sending back $1 billion worth of remittances a year in an effort to aid relatives. Minimum wage in the beleaguered socialist country is about $2 a day. "The wages there aren't enough," one emigre tells the wire service. The government in Venezuela has been cracking down on the operations that send the currency home. Details


Peru is entering into free trade agreement with Indonesia.

Indonesia and Peru did $230 million in trade in 2017, and the two countries are entering into an agreement to increase that figure, the Jakarta Globe reports. The joint effort will begin with a trade-in-goods agreement. Officials from the two countries hope to extend that to include the farming and fishing sectors. Indonesia has been making efforts to extend its economic reach to South America and Africa, the Globe reports. Details


Japanese, Mexican foreign ministers promise early implementation of TPP.

The Japan Times reports that the foreign ministers to Japan and Mexico have pledged to get the revised Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement rolling as soon as possible. The free trade deal also includes Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. The pact was reworked after it lost political support in the United States during the 2016 presidential race. Mexico became the first country to make internal changes needed to ratify the pact, the Times reports. Details

Strong dollar, weak peso fuel increase of real estate deals.

The United States' dollar has been strong against the Mexican peso in recent years and that is sparking increased foreign participation in the residential real estate market, the Puerto Vallarta Daily News reports. In 2016 and 2017, purchases by foreign buyers almost doubled from the annual average from 2009 to 2015.  From 2009 to 2015 the exchange rate was consistently below 15 pesos per dollar. It has been greater than that ever since. The Mexican government predicts purchases by foreign buyers will increase by 30 percent in 2018. Details