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Wyndham rolls out Trademark Collection with Belize property

Wyndham has begun operating the Costa Blu Beach Resort in Belize, the first of its Trademark Collection in Latin America, Hotel Business reports. The Trademark Collection is made up of independently owned, boutique hotels and resorts operating under the Wyndham brand. Costa Blu Beach Resort is a 38-suite, adults-only resort on the beach owned by Sandy Point Group. Wyndham now operates 26 properties in Latin America.  Details


Shell plans to invest billions in Brazil in the coming years

OilPrice.com reports that Shell plans to invest up to $2 billion in Brazil through 2025 and might even exceed that figure to acquire rights in oil and gas auctions. Shell has been one of the biggest foreign players in Brazil’s deep- water fields and is a partner with the state oil company Petrobras. Shell also plans to be active in solar and biofuels in Brazil.  Details


Bird tourism is taking off – but there’s threats to habitat

IThe Bogota Post reports that things are looking up for the bird tourism business in Colombia. The country has been ranked three years running as the best bird-watching country by the world’s birders. And parts of the country are opening up as decades of armed conflict in the nation come to an end. But prosperity brings its own challenges. Bird habitat was largely undisturbed because travel in the hinterlands was too dangerous. Now there’s fear that peace will bring encroachment on pristine territory. Details


Senate OKs labor bill that gives domestic workers more protections

The Senate overwhelming approved a bill that will give domestic workers better pay and benefits, The Associated Press reports via The Washington Post. The bill prohibits hiring domestic workers under 15, requires written contracts, paid annual vacation and annual bonuses. The measure passed the Senate 117-0. It has already been approved by the lower house and is expected to be signed into law by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.  Details

PepsiCo building plant, investing $4 billion in Mexico

PepsiCo is building a plant in Guanajuato to make snacks, including Doritos and Cheetos, and says it plans to invest $4 billion in Mexico during the next two years, BakingBusiness.com reports. The manufacturing plant will be the company’s first in Mexico in 20 years. “Mexico is our largest operation in Latin America and the second worldwide. It is an honor for us to have a positive impact at all levels of the country’s economy, from the countryside to the corner stores in each location,” PepsiCo CEO Ramon Laguarta says. Details


Celebrate the Inca New Year in Cusco

One of the first things the conquistadores did when they took over Peru was outlaw Inti Raymi, a festival celebrating the Inca Sun God, the winter solstice and marking the beginning of the New Year.  But Inti Raymi came back in the 1940s. The winter solstice is June 21, but the ceremony takes place on June 24 in the City of Cusco with a re-enactment of the some of the colorful traditional rituals (though human sacrifices are no longer on the bill). The celebration includes music and food. Details
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