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U.S. companies increasingly buying out peers in Latin America

Steve Mezak, a merger and acquisition expert at Next Coast Brokerage, tells Nearshore Americas that tech firms in the United States are increasingly buying out talent-laden Latin American peers. Mezak says it is an easy fix for a shortage of experienced IT pros. The Federal Reserve has made capital in the U.S cheap, so it is easy to finance the deals. “Staying abreast of the latest technical trends has not been an issue for LatAm software providers in the past. There are many firms (in the region) with deep experience in machine learning, cloud computing, DevOps, CI/CD, and other technical areas,” Mezak says.   Details


Bogata firm raises $4 million for supply chain development

Tül has received a new round of funding as the Bogota supply chain logistics technology developer prepares to expand across the region, reports TechCrunch. Tül connects construction manufacturers with small businesses. These companies handle about half the construction business in Latin America. “We’re connecting big construction companies in the back to hardware companies at the front end. It’s a way where producers can connect to those stores and can talk to those stores and do promotions straight to those stores,” cofounder Enrique Villamarin Lafaurie says. Details


Government  sees GDP per capita making a big leap with reforms

Brazil’s government revealed a long-term roadmap for the economy, with the possibility of gross domestic product per capita growing by as much as 37% by 2031, News 18 reports. In order for that to happen, fiscal reforms and education advances are needed. In the wake of the economic damage from COVID-19, “if the necessary reforms are not implemented, the likelihood of a fiscal crisis and economic growth crisis in the coming years will increase significantly,” the government says.  Details


New version of Eastern plans service to Cabo San Lucas

Eastern Airlines, or at least its name, has made a comeback, almost 30 years after the original company’s demise, Business Insider reports. This fall, its only nonstop service will be from New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Cabo San Lucas, with fares under $250 roundtrip. Twice-a-week service begins Nov. 14. The new company is no relation to Eastern Air Lines (note the slight difference in name), which was one of the major carriers in the United States from the 1920s until it folded in 1991. Eastern Airlines made its first flight in January. Details 


Government increases security for gold and silver mines

The federal government is sending in specially trained guards to protect mining operations from drug cartels, Fox Business reports. The Associated Press has reported that foreign gold and silver mine operators have been forced to make protection payments to the cartels. In the past decade, there have been instances of the cartels robbing minerals from the mines. “This will help resolve the attacks by organized crime in this sector of the economy,” Public Safety Secretary Alfonso Durazo says. Details



Visit the home of rich, 100% Columbian coffee

Colombia is the third-largest coffee producer in the world, but for Americans of a certain age, it is the best known. We recall Juan Valdez, a fictional grower played by Carlos José Sánchez Jaramillo who appeared in TV and print ads for decades — with the tagline “Rich,100% Colombian Coffee.” Sanchez has passed away, but the coffee plantations he represented go on. In recent years, they have added tours. In the Eje Cafetero, at the foot of the Andes, is the tourist town of Salento, a perfect spot for coffee farm visitors. The area offers horseback riding, and hiking, and for those who love more risk, there is a local game called tejo. It involves drinking beer, gun powder and small explosions.  Details


GDP pct. growth in Colombia



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