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Canada’s Bombardier expects growth in Latin America

AIN online reports that Canada-based Bombardier is preparing to expand in Latin America. The airplane maker believes its new Learjet 75 and Global models will be big hits in Latin America in large part because of their greater range. Latin America is the third-largest regional maker for business jets, and Bombardier believes the improving economies in the countries offer great opportunity. To take advantage of the opportunity, Bombardier invested $100 million on a new service center at Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport. Details


Colombian company exporting medical cannabis to U.K., Canada

Colombian exports of marijuana are nothing new. The country was a major supplier of the illegal drug back in the 1960 and ‘70s. Clever Leaves, which has been growing medical marijuana since Colombia legalized it in 2016, has started shipping cannabis-based products to Canada and the United Kingdom, where such products are now legal. Rodrigo Arcila, who heads a marijuana trade association, says Colombia has cost advantages in growing and packaging marijuana products. Details


Spanish canning company expanding its footprint in Brazil

Jealsa Rianxeira, a large canning company based in Spain, is investing $21.2 million to open two more factories in Brazil, Under Current News reports. The plants, located in the state of Ceara, will can sardines and tuna primarily for Spain’s largest grocer, Mercadona. Jealsa operates a plant in Rio de Janeiro under the Crusoe Foods brand. The company said it intends to duplicate the business model it used there. Details


Trade dispute over tomatoes settled at the 11th hour

The United States and Mexico settled a dispute over tomatoes coming from Mexico, The Washington Post reports. The impasse threatened to create shortages or substantially higher prices for consumers. U.S. growers claimed Mexican producers were engaging in dumping cheap tomatoes on the American market. Mexican tomatoes account for about half the U.S. market. Details

Natural gas pipeline from Texas begins operation in Mexico

A $2.6 billion pipeline that begins in the Gulf Of Mexico near Brownsville has begun sending natural gas to Mexico, the Houston Chronicle reports. Sur de Texas-Tuxpan Pipeline travels 480 miles underwater supplying powers plants in Altamira, Tamaulipas, Tuxpan and Veracruz and tying into other pipelines to move products inland. “The operation of the Sur de Texas-Tuxpan Pipeline opens the door for greater investment in Port of Tuxpan because it guarantees a constant supply of gas that companies need for their operations,” Tuxpan’s economic development director,” Juan Pablo Alcantar, tells the newspaper. Details



Beto Carrero World — the Disney of South America

The late Beto Carrero was a Brazilian singer, actor, radio announcer, advertising salesman and above all an entrepreneur. The son of poor immigrants from Lebanon, Carrero carved out a career in show business and in 1991 started an amusement park in Penha, Brazil. Beto Carrero World is the largest theme park in South America with more than 100 attractions, including roller coasters and water rides. And for Americans, the park has a little touch of home. In 2012 the park partnered with DreamWorks Animation and Universal Studios to use their characters. Details
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